Top 10 essential equipment you need to get your studio up and running

There are many essential equipment you need to get ready before forming a creative studio, below I list a top 10 equipment what I think is most important for a studio.

Computer and Laptop

A full function computer or a laptop with the software you’re require like Adobe. Spend a little money on the speed and graphic for your PC or laptop as this is your major tools to make money.

Internet Connection

Dealing with client through email, do a research on your new project, all are require an internet connection. It might not need a high speed connection, up to your personal requirement.

Printer or Scanner

A printer or scanner are quickly paid for itself when dealing with Invoices, Documents and Accounting Matter.


It is important to drop down the appointment date, it is easy for you to remember 1 appointment, how about 10 per week?


When you come to store all your creative project and art work, store it in your computer is not a good idea, prepare an external hard disc or use an online cloud storage like dropbox is a better way.


Make it big enough to fill with your laptop, tablet, books and mugs.

A Comfy Chair

Spend as much as you can afford on chairs, in the long-term this is far cheaper than osteopath bills.

Filing Cabinet

Well organised on your paper work for your future ease.


A bit of a background music will relax your studio or even more productive.

A Coffee Maker

This is for my personal favorite when rushing on the project, it really works =D

This is my top 10 list of essential equipment when you startup a studio, what about yours? Leave your comment below to share what is important for you in your studio.