Sightseeing flight in Germany

Germany offers a lot of interesting locations for sightseeing. Many cultural & historical buildings can be found in every bigger city throughout Germany. Tourists can really get in touch with the European history. Aside from running through the town to see one building after another, there are some more entertaining ways to see everything. Everybody who is into flighting or just wants to experience the amazing view high above the ground, should consider a sightseeing flight in Germany. Here are some tips of which locations are really worth it and what to consider before starting your flight.

The best locations

Frankfurt am Main does not only contain the most important airport in Germany, it is also one of the best locations to do your sightseeing flight. You will see the most impressing skyline in Germany with all the huge towers owned by different banks. Also very interesting to see is the „Frankfurter Römer“, which is the official town hall since hundreds of years. The biggest church in town, the „Kaiserdom“ will catch you sight with a height of 95m. There are many other buildings & interesting spots. Frankfurt ist simply a great city to experience from above, because it combines historical and modern architecture in a unique way.

Another recommendation is Munich. The city is already known around the globe for the „Oktoberfest“. Munich is also one of the most historical cities in Germany. A flight above Munich lets you take a look at the „Odeonsplatz“, the BMW World Museum and the lovely „Olympiapark“. Furthermore, if the weather conditions are right, you can also take a breathtaking look at the alps.

Munich is called a huge village, and that is because it keeps his charming flair although it has a population of more than 1,4 million people.

What to consider before starting your flight

For a sightseeing flight there is not much you need to worry about. Just wear clothes that you would usually do according to the weather conditions and make sure you feel comfortable. Everybody can do a sightseeing flight, regardless of the age. Of course you need to be in a healthy physical shape, to be completely sure you can talk to a doctor in advance. After that you can get started. You can do the flight either in an airplane or a helicopter. While the flight in an airplane is faster and a bit more exciting, the helicopter flight allows you a better view and the opportunity to stay still in the air. That way you can take some amazing pictures and videos.

You want to fly by yourself?

If a sightseeing flight might be too boring for you, then there´s the opportunity for you to fly by yourself. No you don´t need to be a pilot to do that. You can fly an airplane or helicopter completely by yourself. In company of a professional aviator this is completely legal in Germany. It is an incredibly exciting experience that you won´t forget for sure. Move through the sky and enjoy the view just like a bird. Don´t worry, the professional pilot that is flying with you can always take control to avoid dangerous situations. It is completely safe so you can only focus on enjoying the experience.