Hotels Near Sea In Puri

Its historical antiquities, religious shrines, architectural grandeur, marine beauty, and moderate climate is what makes Puri famous. Its golden beaches are another of the world’s attractions for tourists, with a rich deposit of attractions for its visitors since the 3rd century BC, it still hasn’t lost its charm. We can say that now it is becoming an important tourist destination from the tourist and religious point of view. The center of attractions includes unique monuments such as those of the Lord Jagannath temple, the Sun God in Konark are famous in the world which has facilitated them to have an international identity. With picturesquely beautiful Chilika Lake, it is a true depiction of true quiet and peace. It offers an ideal complex for birds that migrate from different parts of the continent. Throughout the year, due to its geographical location, the climate of Puri and its safe beaches welcome the world with open arms. The sacred tanks are located around the temple of Gundicha, Manikarnika on the street Manikarnika, Panchatirtha Markanda to the north of the temple of Jagannath Pancha Tirtha and Sweta Ganga to the south of the Jagannath temple. These four tirthas or sacred waters together with the sea form the Panchtirthi or five sacred glasses of water in which the pilgrims are solemnly obliged to bathe.

Hotels Near Sea In Puri

Find the best hotel according to your budget at the right time.

The sea view hotels are some of the most prestigious hotels in the entire Puri. Even though the price range for such hotels really gets hiked by their owners because of their excessive demand but the hotel facilities are worth every penny. They also provide amazing facilities like swimming pool, spa, gym, shopping center, fun zone etc.

Hotels like My Fair heritage, Chariot resort, My fair waves etc. Prove us wrong if we try to criticize them. They are the utmost resorts which let you relax and throw all your worries away down the drain. One can easily enjoy a long vacation with no doubt about hygiene and take care of these hotels.

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