Be A Smart Web Designer

Your studio has talent, passion and drive, but it is nothing if you can’t get in more business. Apart from doing advertisement online, there are a few things you must know on getting more business.

Build your reputation

Most new business opportunities are generated by Word Of Mouth, you will get a business or loss it in just a word of your client’s mouth. So, what your past client says about you to your potential client is what you have to concern. Not only your outstanding design, provide an exceptional client care will hugely build your reputation as well.

Everywhere is an opportunities.

There are potential client everywhere, always look at the newspaper or magazines, find out which company do not have a website or their website is terrible, talk to them, explain how you can improve their website to get more customer.

Pitching for work

Pitching work can provide access to a different type client, if you are looking to broaden your studio’s portfolio, you can give it a try.

Grow your network

There are many relevant events out there, try to participate to grow your network wider, your will found that there are many business need your help.

Pick up your phone

Call your client, if they didn’t get back to you, always follow up to show them your sincerity. Sometimes your client is just forgot or missed out your email, don’t let the opportunities gone.

Make suggestions

If you think an additional features would help on your client’s website, say so, explain how it works, most of them are willing to pay more to get their website more complete.

Give a discount

I’m not saying on giving your client a 30% discount on the project, your work is valuable. What I meant is approach them to sign up for second or other service with a small discount or offer a recommendation fee if there can bring some customer. But always remember that don’t devaluing your skills.

Keep your healthy image

How you communicate with your client through email, phone call or in the meeting will determine client perception of your studio, they always love to talk with a confident and professional expertise.

Ask for help

Once you’ve established a good working relationship with your client, try asking them for reference. Keep in mind that your client are dealing with many other companies, it might have some are looking for your service for a long time.

It is all about your good reputation, keep your good work, retain your good image and good relationship with your client, you will found that this way is more efficient than advertise, on where your client come from.